At AFFC, we seek to make prayer a vital part of every ministry. Our goal is not simply to be a church with a Prayer Ministry – but to be a praying church. We, therefore, strive to create as many opportunities as possible for AFFC members to make our congregation a “house of prayer.”

Some of the opportunities available are:

Sunday Morning Intercession – each Sunday at 8:30am, we seek to create an atmosphere through prayer that will allow the Holy Spirit to be free in our midst. Elders, Deacons, church leaders and members are invited to come and pray.

Altar Ministry – our prayer partners minister to individuals with specific prayer needs during Altar Ministry time in each service. Healings, deliverance, and breakthroughs (spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, etc.) are experienced on a regular basis as these powerful men and women minister under God’s anointing.

Corporate Prayer Meetings – this church-wide worship-based prayer experience will feature intimate worship, personal reflection, and a variety of intercessory focal points.

Periodically, prayer retreats, seminars, conferences and concerts of prayer will also be scheduled.

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